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There are many issues that affect us. They may be physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or stem from learned responses. Many people try to define what it is that is affecting them. The truth is that each of us is an individual and the thing we feel most probably isn't a stand alone thing. Physical things affect our emotions and our emotions affect us physically, although we may not notice it. I work in a holistic way that means I work with the whole person trying to understand what is going on and find a way to change.
Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Below is a list which clients I have worked with would have said they have/are.  If you wish to find out more about specific conditions look at the NHS website. Please feel free to look below and research further or book a free 15 minute call to talk to me. I also have resources where you can do more research and see if there are things there that might help you.